The zero-interest loan
Buying new

The zero-interest loan makes it possible to finance part of the purchase of a home on advantageous terms.

The zero-interest loan

Who can buy?

First-time entrantscan benefit from the zero-interest loanin a means-tested basis.. First-time buyers are defined as a household that has not owned its principal residence in the two years preceding the loan offer and whose income does not exceed the established ceiling.

The zero-interest loan can be combined with the social accession loan, meeting the same resource ceilings and allowing loan maturities of up to 35 years.

For what type of acquisition and for what amount?

The zero-interest loan is intended for people who acquire their home as their principal residence.

The amount of the zero-interest loan varies according to the number of people in the household, the type of household (new or existing) and the location. It may not exceed the amount of the other loan(s), with a term of at least two years, contributing to the financing of the same operation. Where the total repayment period of the loan is less than or equal to eight years, the amount of the loan may be reduced by a maximum of half at the request of the borrower".

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