To invest in the new

The PINEL devicemakes it possible to obtain a tax reduction on the purchase of a new home for rental. The acquisition allows to deduct from the amount of tax up to 21% of the amount of the investment.


Who can buy ?

The tax reduction is applicable to taxpayers domiciled in France, who acquire a new housing or a housing in a future state of completion, directly or via shares in non-trading property investment companies (SCPI) or non-trading property companies (SCI).

Which housing to buy?

The dwellings acquired must meet energy performance requirements (RT 2012,...) and must be located in an eligible municipality.

What obligations?

In order to benefit from the tax reduction, the taxpayer undertakes to rent the unfurnished property, for use as a main dwelling and on a continuous basis for a period of 6, 9 or 12 years. He also undertakes to respect a ceiling on the resources of the tenant as well as a ceiling on the rent.

The housing can be rented to an ascendant or descendant (outside the tax shelter), subject to respect the rent and resource ceilings of the tenant.

Non-compliance with lease commitments results in the loss of the benefit of tax incentives.

The PINEL tax reduction falls within the ceiling of the tax niches, set at €10,000.

What are the advantages?

The amount of the tax reduction is calculated on the cost price of the property (this is understood to be the acquisition price plus the costs relating to the acquisition), capped at 300,000 €/year/taxpayer subject to compliance with a sales price ceiling (not disabling for the calculation of the tax reduction) set at 5,500 €/m² of living space, and is defined according to the length of the rental commitment period (6 years: 12%; 9 years: 18%; 12 years: 21%).

The tax reduction is granted in respect of the year of completion of the dwelling, or of its acquisition if it is later, and charged first of all against the tax due for the same year, then against the tax due for each of the years following the period of its rental commitment at the rate of a fraction (1/6th or 1/9th) of its total amount in respect of each of these years, with no possible deferral.

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