Knowing us
is trusting us

Who are we ?

Founded in 1967, SAGEC has become in half a century a key player in the real estate industry, with more than 40,000 homes built and 12 agencies firmly anchored in the local economic fabric.

Our offer: live or invest

SAGEC offers residential homes, exceptional buildings, service residences, in highly attractive regions, paying particular attention to the selection of the location of its achievements, a guarantee of successful investment and a valorization over time.

SAGEC speaks to clients wishing to offer themselves their main residence or a secondary residence, but also to investors, particular or institutional ones, wishing to create a real estate assets.

Proximity: our advantage, your privilege

SAGEC is before anything else women and men who live there, next to you, and share your daily basis. Knowing your city, its quarters, anticipating its evolutions, as well at the level of its infrastructures than at its economic and social activity, gives them the opportunity and the chance to select the best locations to meet your expectations and needs. With always the same leitmotiv: to offer you a high quality dwelling in the region that you chose, that you like.

From the Atlantic Coast, going by the South of France to the Geneva Basin, SAGEC is today made of 5 regional directions and 12 agencies : SAGEC Center Atlantic (Bordeaux, Rennes, Nantes), SAGEC South Atlantic (Biarritz, Pau), SAGEC Midi-Pyrénées (Toulouse), SAGEC Mediterranean (Nice, Cannes, Marseille) and SAGEC Rhône-Alpes (Douvaine, Lyon, Annecy).

Evolution of the sales

Societal responsibility - Sustainable development

Conscious of the responsibility towards its employees, its economic partners, the environment and the civil society, SAGEC has been engaged for many years in a sustainable development approach.

  • Our actions aim to:
  • • contribute to the economic and social development of our different regions of presence
  • • limit the impact of our activities on the environment
  • • guarantee satisfaction of all the interested parties (clients, employees, economic partners, elected officials, residents, merchants, schools...)

Our role in the economic and regional development

SAGEC is an essential actor, when we know that in the real estate's sector, one housing generates two jobs. SAGEC involves and gives work to legal structures, architects, banks, both local and national employers, research departments, co-ownership trustees and managers... just to mention a few of them, and contributes thus to the economic development of the regions in which SAGEC is implanted.

Projects in the respect of the environment

SAGEC actively participates in the local politics of the housing and the urban renewal by realizing projects promoting social diversity and the upgrade of the living environment, along with its partners, the cities and their the communities.

Taking into consideration that the local architectural heritage is essential, thus contributing to the beautification of the urban environment while preserving the often typical character of regional real estate. Everything is studied in consultation with the immediate neighborhood of a project, in order to think about it in the best possible way, especially car parks and green spaces, and to identify potential nuisances in order to reduce them as much as possible.

In the same eco-citizen spirit, SAGEC strives to create buildings with low energy consumption, thus making it possible to reconcile respect for the environment with advantages for our customers, who then benefit from a reduction in their costs.

In search of customer satisfaction

SAGEC makes from your satisfaction a fundamental stake to guarantee its sustainability.

The quality of our achievements and associated services is an essential factor of success. Systematically obtaining the NF Habitat certification ensures you a high level of performance in terms of acoustic and thermal comfort, security against the risk of intrusion and the durability of the structure.

In addition, our organisation is based on a Quality Management System which aims at fully meeting your needs and expectations. Our activities, framed by work procedures and instructions, are thus subject to measures and controls designed to control all the risks we face. The results of this monitoring are analysed and are the subject of progress actions enabling us to enter into the virtuous circle of continuous improvement. The effectiveness of these measures has enabled us to obtain ISO 9001 certification, the requirements of which are internationally recognized.

Finally, aware that our performance is closely linked to the well-being and development of our employees, we attach great importance to the management of health and safety at work, as well as to skills development and social advancement throughout working life.

Ambassadors Club

The Ambassadors Club is open to all our purchasers, as soon as they become homebuyers.

  • It offers the following advantages:
  • - You are kept informed in preview of the SAGEC projects and benefit from the launch prices
  • - Starting from the second purchase, you benefit from an exceptional discount for any reservation made for you or a member of your family
  • - You receive a cheque when you sponsor someone you know to buy their home. They also benefit from an exceptional discount